Sale Plot of land - Le Rouret

Ref. 1840469
100 000 €
Sale Plot of land - Le Rouret
Sale Plot of land - Le Rouret Sale Plot of land - Le Rouret Sale Plot of land - Le Rouret

61260 m² - Land area : 61260 m²

LE ROURET AND BAR SUR LOUP For sale land inconstructible (very old cultivated) in ND zone on horseback on 2 communes (Le Rouret and Bar sur Loup) crossed by communal road in earth. 50 meters from the LOUP river, not flooded. 2 hectares approximately flat, the rest in planks delimited by restanques in stones. Close agricultural zone. HAS NEVER KNOWN PESTICIDES. 70 YEARS OF DEPOSITION OF HUMUS. IDEAL CULTURES BIO. 4 KMS OF THE GRAND PARKING OF PRE-DU-LAC WITH ALL SHOPS. And so close to OPIO, VALBONNE, GRASSE, LA COLLE on LOUP, ST PAUL ... the triangle of GOLD! SIMPLE CONCERTED MANAGEMENT PLAN WHICH PERMITS TREE CUTS IN CERTAIN AREAS (rejuvenation, conversion, extraction of conifers) LOUDIG IMMO, l’agence immobilière à Châteauneuf pour trouver le bon coin où se loger sur Grasse, Magagnosc, Auribeau, Pégomas, Plascassier, Châteauneuf, Le Rouret, Opio, Roquefort les Pins, Le Bar sur Loup, Peymeinade, Le Tignet, Spéracèdes, Cabris. C’est logic !

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